Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for Students

How do I sign up to be a student?
When student registration is open, go here and click the application link.

What kind of classes are offered? Classes at Splash at include a wide range of topics. You can find classes about anything from astrophysics to yoga to creative writing and beyond. You can view the full course offering when you sign up.

How many classes can I take? Splash students can take anywhere between one and six classes.

What happens if I don’t fill my schedule with six classes? If you don’t fill your schedule with six classes, you can add additional classes the day of Splash or attend a walk-in activity.

Can I take classes with my sibling or friend? Of course! Just make sure that you all sign up for the same class section when registering for classes.

Will lunch be provided? Yes! Lunch will most likely include, but is not limited to, pizza, dessert and drinks.

What if I have food allergies or need other special accommodations? If you have dietary restrictions, please contact If you have serious allergies, we recommend you bring a bag lunch.

How much does it cost to attend the program? $15. The registration fee includes lunch and all classroom supplies. Generous financial aid is available for those who request it during the registration process.

I am busy in the morning or afternoon. Can I come late or leave early? Yes, students can come late to Vanderbilt Splash or leave early. If you are arriving late or leaving early, come to the registration desk in Furman Hall to check in or out.

What if I have other questions or concerns? Reach out to with any additional questions or concerns.

FAQ for Parents

Where do I park? Parents and students park in the Terrace Place Garage, Wesley Place Garage, or at metered parking along the street.

How much is parking? Parking in the Terrace Place and Wesley Place Garages in $5/day on the weekends. Metered parking along the street is free on weekends.

Where do we check in? – Furman Hall. You can view a campus map here . Students will be allowed to sign themselves in and out of the event. After a student has signed out, we are no longer responsible for supervising them.

Do I have to stay for the event with my child? – No, you do not have to stay with your child for the event. You are welcome to leave and return at the end of the day if you live locally or explore Nashville.

Will lunch be provided for my child? Yes! Lunch is included in student fees.

What if my child has food allergies or needs other special accommodations? If your student has dietary restrictions, please have your student bring a bag lunch.

Where do I pick up my child at the end of the day? – You can either pick up your child in person from Furman Hall at the end of the day or in front of Kirkland Hall where they were dropped off.

Can my child receive financial assistance to attend Splash? Financial assistance is provided to any student who has a need. Full scholarships are available for students to attend Vanderbilt Splash. The application for a financial aid scholarship is part of the student enrollment page where students sign up for classes.

How much does it cost for my child to attend the program?The program fee is $15. The fee pays for teacher supplies for classes and lunch for students.

How do I pay the program fee?The program fee is payable the day of the program. Cash and checks are accepted. Checks can be made payable to Vanderbilt Splash.

What if I have other questions or concerns? Reach out to with any additional questions or concerns.

FAQ for Teachers and Volunteers

How to I become a teacher or volunteer? When teacher registration is open, go here and click the application link.

How many class sections can I teach? You can teach upwards of six class sections. The minimum you must teach is two.

Can I teach with a friend? Yes! Splash is meant to be a fun and exciting event, so what better way to have fun than with a friend. Make sure to specify on your teacher application who you will be teaching with.

Can teachers teach different classes at one Splash event? Yes, you can teach multiple different classes. You must submit different class descriptions on your application and will be asked to submit different syllabi for each class.

Will I get free food for teaching? Of course!

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