About Us

What is Splash?
Splash is an educational initiative that allows high school students to participate in small, interactive seminars for one day each semester that are taught and designed by passionate Vanderbilt students. Splash students get a taste of college by spending a day on the Vanderbilt campus and have the opportunity to discover new interests in classes about anything from living sustainably to improv comedy.

The ultimate goal of Vanderbilt Splash is to impart students with a love of learning in a stress free, dynamic, and fun atmosphere. The program aims to expand the academic horizons of high school students through fun classes that emphasize the passion and enthusiasm of our student teachers. We hope to encourage young adults from Tennessee and beyond to explore their interests and engage their curiosities, and in doing so, develop a genuine love of learning. We are strong believers that the pursuit of knowledge can be contagious and that our student teachers can make a genuine difference in the lives of our Splash students.

How does this work?

Interested and engaged students are what makes Splash the great program that it is! You can participate in Vanderbilt Splash by registering as a student through the “Learn” tab or clicking here, and then signing up for the classes you’re interested in taking during the day.

On the day of the event, students can be taken to our on-campus drop-off point at Kirkland Hall, where they will be met by excited volunteers and led to Splash’s help room and registration area. After a quick orientation, students will be led to their first classes and will begin their day! Volunteers will be available all day to help students that have trouble finding buildings. At the end of Splash, students can be picked up back at the drop-off point.

History of Splash
The Splash program was created by students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1957 so they could make a difference in their community by sharing their knowledge and creativity with local high school students. The program has since grown to over 20 universities in 10 states. Vanderbilt Splash will host its first program in Fall 2016!

Questions? Please feel free to contact us at vanderbiltsplash@gmail.com

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