To register to teach at Vanderbilt Splash on October 29th, please click here.

About Teaching for Vanderbilt Splash

As a teacher, you play one of the most important roles in the organization. You design a curriculum for a class in any topic you are passionate about and teach it to Splash students the day of the program. The topic? Anything you want. The best classes are those that are taught by teachers who have a subject they just can’t stop talking about.

Examples of past classes at peer institutions include: Algorithms of Awesome, How to Survive College Without Your Mom, Genome Sequencing, History of Europe, How to Make Truffles, Linear Algebra, Swing Dancing, Improv, Computer Programming... The possibilities are endless!

If you need special supplies for your class, we have resources available to help you procure them. We recommend that each class be 50 minutes long, but if you think that a longer class time would suit your class better, then inform us about your plans and feel free to do so. It is expected that you teach at least 2-3 sessions, but we are flexible and will work with you!

Our administrative team would love to help you with class preparation, tips, and tricks.

Teacher Requirements

Teaching for Vanderbilt Splash is a rewarding experience. The process is easy and involves as much time as you are able to put it.

As a Vanderbilt Splash teacher you must:

  1. Be passionate and knowledgeable about your class’s subject

  2. Fill out an online profile and submit your course name and description

  3. Submit a brief syllabus outlining how you plan to structure your class

  4. Attend a short teacher training session and protection of minors information session. Every teacher is also expected to comply with Vanderbilt’s Protection of Minors policy, which includes completing an online course. More information can be found here - Protection of Minors Policy.

Become a Volunteer

If you have time after your Splash class ends or you have a gap between times that you are teaching, we encourage you to volunteer. Extra help is always appreciated to set up classes, help students find their way from class to class, or set up lunch.


Check our FAQ for teachers or contact us at vanderbiltsplash@gmail.com.

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